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Family safety is a subject too many of us take lightly. As busy parents, we focus on our goals and sometimes neglect how important it is to make sure everyone is equipped with the tools they need to be safe.

The toolkit offers ideas on safeguarding your family, including:

  • How to identify warning signs and discuss them with your child
  • How to give your child an exit strategy if he or she is lost or in an unfamiliar situation
  • How to role play safety scenarios
  • How to develop contingency plans for family outings, such as stores, festivals and other places where children may become separated.

The information in this toolkit is based on the work of Dave Young, an internationally recognized defensive tactics trainer who has been training police, corrections and military professionals how to stay safe and defend themselves since 1980. Dave has experience as a police officer, corrections officer and security agent and, due to the neighborhoods in which he grew up, personal experience in defending himself and his family. He is also a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps.

In 2009, Dave translated his expertise into a program for families that has now been adopted in communities throughout the U.S. via a national network of Defense Experts.

Included in the toolkit are two videos (20 minutes total), a transcript of the videos (11 pages) and a parent workbook (12 pages).

In this toolkit you’ll learn valuable strategies
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