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Get access to family safety products for parents

We have found that most information about family safety does little other than:

  • Explain the dangers involved
  • Provide parents with advice that has never been tested in the real world

This type of information isn’t terribly useful. Who doesn’t understand that bad things can happen to our kids? And, if the advice hasn’t been tested, what good is it?

The reality is that most of the advice you hear comes from theories. An “expert” makes something up that sounds good and it gets adopted as the truth even though it has never been tested in the real world.

The Defense Expert takes a different approach.

In Levittown NY we provide seminars and classes for children, teens and parents on how to stay safe and defend yourself, if attacked. Our classes are based on the teachings of Dave Young, an internationally recognized defensive tactics trainer who has been training police, corrections and military professionals how to stay safe and defend themselves since 1980.

We also offer family safety products for parents that were developed by Dave Young and others in his business.

Parents get plenty of advice about what to do about their family’s safety — much of which is just plain wrong. Instead, they need to know how to keep their family safe using methods that have been proven on the streets. That’s the focus of our family safety products.